How to Choose the Most Appropriate Pallet Rack System: A Brief Guide to the Basics

Choosing the right pallet rack for a given environment and application is one sure step toward success. Suppliers like Red Steel Manufacturing offer high quality products that can provide the solutions needed in just about any case. Selecting the most appropriate type of pallet rack is often a lot more straightforward than many would assume.

Understanding the Options and What Each Choice Enables

Some pallet rack systems are fairly simple, whereas others are much more complex. Fortunately, it is always possible to break things down to the basics in order to make settling on a suitable choice easier. Some of the most important considerations include:

Style. While all pallet racks serve the same basic purpose, there are many different ways of achieving that end. Pallet rack systems of so-called "selective" design are the most popular of all among manufacturers like Red Steel. This versatile layout allows for both a reasonable level of storage density and also easy access. Because they are so straightforward to work with while being so affordable, racks like these regularly rank as best sellers. Among the other designs that buyers commonly request, cantilever-based racks are probably the most common. This somewhat more specialized take on the pallet rack provides important advantages of its own.

Material. Coming in a close second behind design, the choice of material will always be important, as well. Some racks prioritize economy over everything else, and this will often mean making use of the least expensive available material. Galvanized Pallet Rack systems, on the other hand, will stand up well even in harsh environments, as this means of coating steel can hold rust at bay for years. Having a realistic understanding as to how and where a rack will be deployed will make it easier to choose an appropriate material.

Height. Finally, the height of any pallet rack setup will determine how much it is capable of storing within a given footprint. The dimensions of the space where a rack will be installed will impose relevant limitations, as will the nature of the equipment that will be used to load and unload a given system. As a result, this particular decision will often be made on the basis of fairly definite, unvarying factors.

Being Sure of Obtaining the Right Pallet Rack System

As a look at a website like will show, there are also a few other considerations that will normally need to be taken into account. In practice, however, simply working with a reputable supplier that offers a suitable range of options will almost ensure that an appropriate choice of pallet rack can be made.